LRC and Reading

Our brand new Learning Resource Centre is now fully open and operational following extensive development. This high-tech resource offers a welcoming environment for studying and reading.

Pupils are able to use the LRC before school from 8am, during break and lunch times and after school Monday – Thursday until 4pm. All KS3 pupils will visit the library once every 2 weeks as part of their English lessons to promote reading for pleasure, following the  Accelerated Reader programme and complete information literacy lessons.

We have a growing variety of resources available for our pupils:

Reading for Pleasure
All our pupils are encouraged to read regularly for pleasure. This is supported by the use of the Accelerated Reader Programme and the DEAR sessions in school.  Mrs Bowdin is on hand to help pupils select books that will interest and inspire them.

Pupils can choose from a large range of fiction, non-fiction, biography and graphic novels. The majority of books have Accelerated Reader book levels for guidance on the reading level.

Pupils are free to select any book from the library, providing that it is appropriately challenging in its nature.  All library books are banded with a different coloured label to indicate their level of difficulty; however, there is some flexibility allowed in the choice of books.  Pupils are also able to read a book from home, but this must be part of the Accelerated Reader programme, so that quizzes can be taken, points accrued and your child’s progress monitored. You can check this online for yourself at, or ask your child to check with the LRC manager.

Reading for Research
Our non-fiction collection aims to support pupils in studying for the curriculum and explore their hobbies and areas of interest. As well as a wide selection of non-fiction books the LRC has revision guides for all subjects accessible to all KS4 pupils to aid in their GCSE preparation.

Planning for the Future
There is a comprehensive careers library that will inform our pupils’ decision-making as they prepare to progress from Fisher More. The information available will vary from choosing, A-Levels, college or university, to practical advice on choosing a career, preparing for work, apprenticeship opportunities, gap years and more.

If you have any queries please contact Mrs Bowdin, our Learning Resources Manager, via email: