Provision for Additional Needs at Fisher More

The school’s mission of ‘let all our bright colours shine’ supports implicitly the principles of inclusion whereby all pupils have the right to access the curriculum and participate fully in all aspects of school life.  

Outstanding educational opportunities for all, regardless of prior ability, are central to our aim.  We take a personalised approach, with each pupil at the centre of a bespoke pupil passport.  This helps us to ensure that the needs of pupils with differing abilities and potential barriers to learning are fully met through focusing on pupils’ goals and aspirations whilst understanding how they best learn and ensuring suitable adaptive teaching strategies are in place.  

We work closely with the pupil and their family to ensure a three-way partnership which underpins our work, with strong relationships with external agencies when a pupil’s complex or specialist needs require a multi-agency approach.  These may be people who work for the SEND specialist teams in the Local Authority e.g. Hearing Impaired Specialist Teachers or our colleagues in the Health Service.  For students requiring an Education, Health and Care Plan, we work in partnership with all partners with regular progress reviews. 

For the majority of children, we provide in-class support, endeavouring towards all pupils taking part in lessons.  Teachers focus on planning and delivering quality lessons with adaptations to cater for the needs of all.  In some instances, personalised assessments might indicate the need for additional one-to-one or in small groups.  This is carefully planned by skilled teachers and delivered by appropriately qualified colleagues. 

The School focuses on individual achievements; inspiring and challenging all pupils to realise their full potential and to be proud of their achievements at school whilst being fully-equipped to succeed in their future lives.

The Headteacher, the Senior Assistant Headteacher responsible for Quality First Teaching and Fisher More’s SENDCO, Assistant Headteacher, Miss Gauntlett (NASENCo), have responsibility for co-ordinating and monitoring the progress of pupils identified with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND).  

A SEND Link Governor takes lead responsibility for oversight of SEND with regular meetings to ensure accountability and to deepen the Governing Board’s understanding of the school’s strategic objectives for SEND.  Fisher More provides for students with Special Educational Needs within a mainstream setting with our SEND Policy following the guidelines set in the SEND Code of Practice.   

Learning Support Provision

English as an additional language (EAL) 

For pupils who are new to English, needs are identified in partnership with the pupil and parents/carers and are drawn into a personalised pupil support plan which details the additional support that will be put in place to focus on improving their English and making progress in their studies.  Some pupils will benefit from one-to-one or small group work to facilitate rapid progress.  This is well-planned with clear objectives and timescales to ensure pupils achieve their full potential.    

Gifted and Talented 

We have high expectations of all our pupils with those identified as Gifted and Talented challenged and supported to excel at the highest levels.  Appropriate enrichment activities are in place to support these pupils who are also encouraged to take on appropriate leadership roles and activities to enthuse and challenge them.  

Other needs 

Pupils may, on occasion, need access to additional support because of specific short-term issues e.g. emotional support due to bereavement or issues in the home.  In these instances, school works closely with families and relevant agencies to provide timely and appropriate support to ensure that pupils are able to receive the support they need whilst continuing to make progress in their learning. 

Key Information 

The Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator can be contacted at school by phone on 01282 856422 or by email at 

For more information on SEND in Lancashire, please click on this link:  Lancashire SEND Partnership

For more information about Lancashire SEND Local Offer, an online resource that details services, support and guidance available to children and young people with SEND aged 0-25 and their families, please click on this link:  Lancashire Local Offer

See our School Policies page to access our SEND Policy and other relevant policies. 

Useful Links

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