The Catholic Life of our School

Mission Statement

We seek to

  • Recognise the worth and dignity of all people
  • Deliver a high quality education
  • Enable everyone to grow as balanced individuals, intellectually, spiritually and morally
  • Provide a secure, supportive and stimulating Christian environment within the context of the Catholic tradition, in which justice, tolerance, forgiveness and generosity are practised with courtesy, consideration and common sense
  • Offer young people a reason for living and hoping.


The GIFT Team

GIFT stands for Growing in Faith Together, and our committed team members, from all year groups, contribute significantly to the Catholic ethos of our school. The GIFT team share in the school’s purpose of evangelisation, leading in aspects of prayer, collective worship, and charity, working with members of staff, parish priests, and members of the school community.

In recent years, the GIFT team have led Advent and Lent liturgies, contributed prayers and read during the celebration of the Feast Day Mass of Ss John Fisher and Thomas More, raised money for CAFOD, and organised the collection of food for local charities.

The GIFT team will attend Flame 2023, which is the largest Catholic youth conference in the United Kingdom, run by the Catholic Youth Ministry Federation


Collective Worship

Collective worship is fundamental to the faith life of the school and is rooted in prayer, which takes place daily. The themes of prayer are centred around the liturgical year, saints, Catholic Social Teaching, our mission statement, and events and causes that are important to our faith.

Each year group has an assembly every week, which is based on scripture and the teachings of Christ, and reflects the theme of prayer. Pupils also have a house assembly once per half term.

Mass and liturgy are a real high point of collective worship at the school and are celebrated throughout the academic year. Pupils take a leading role in the planning and delivering of collective worship.



The Church teaches that charity is the theological virtue by which we love God above all things for his own sake, and our neighbour as ourselves for the love of God. The school takes this calling with intense conviction, supporting a number of charities and engaging in fundraising throughout the academic year. Each year our Advent collection supports Curry on the Street, our Lent fundraising supports the overseas work of CAFOD, and we promote the Diocese of Salford’s Caritas Love in Action Award (the current recipient has raised over £1000 for the Little Princess Trust).

In addition, each house at Ss John Fisher & Thomas More RC High School has chosen a local charity that it wants to support.

St Andrew: Pendleside Hospice

St David: Building Bridges Pendle

St George: Colne Youth Action Group

St Patrick: Curry on the Street


School Prayer

Loving God,

We thank you for all our opportunities.

Help us to form a community in which all our bright colours can shine.

Remind us to work hard, guide us to make good choices and teach us to be kind and fair.