Year 6 Transition

In our school, your child will be fully supported in all aspects of their learning by the teaching staff at Fisher More.

We also have a pastoral team of non-teaching year leaders. The year leaders will work with you to ensure that your child is happy and making good progress in all areas at Fisher More. The team is led by the Deputy Headteacher and the Director of Pupil Support and Inclusion.

The pastoral team will be your first port of call if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s wellbeing. They pride themselves in ensuring that the care, guidance and support of pupils is second to none.

Fisher More is proud of its primary to secondary transition programme. We gain our intake from five main feeder Catholic schools plus approximately 30 additional primary schools within the local area. Year-on-year, the school continues to be oversubscribed. The transition programme is led by the year leader for year 7.

We believe that a successful transition requires all stakeholders, (primary schools, parents, pupils) to be actively involved to ensure that pupils enter our school fully prepared, happy and ready for all their bright colours to shine.

The transition team here in school consists of: year leader of year 7 and the SEND department who work closely with our feeder primary schools to ensure that all students have the support they need to make a successful transition. There will be opportunities for prospective students to visit the school and to take part in transition activities with their primary schools. We also run a very successful week long summer school which plays an integral part in helping students to settle into life at Fisher More.

Whilst the transition from primary to secondary school is an exciting time, we understand that it can also be an anxious time for you and your child. Once your child starts school, there will be lots of support from everyone in school and more specifically there are PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) lessons to help your child integrate into secondary school life. Pupils will also participate in the ‘Bounce Forward’ programme delivered by Lancashire Mind. This valuable programme promotes resilience and wellbeing and helps students to understand and manage their emotions.

Should you require further information regarding transition please contact school on 01282 865299, or you can email: