Key Stage 4
Options for Study 2023–25

The curriculum at Key Stage 4 is comprised of two parts:

  • Six compulsory core qualifications
  • Three additional selected qualifications.

Click on the links below for the Options Process Booklet and for the Options Subject Specific Information Booklet.

Compulsory Core Subjects

These are core subjects that pupils must study in year 10 and 11.

Subject Subject Leader
English Mr M Jackson
Maths Mr P Bradfield-Morgan
Science Mr R Outhwaite
RE Mrs S Helliwell
PE (Core) Mr S Atkin

Pathway Subjects

When selecting their three additional subjects:

  • Pupils MUST choose 1 subject from Group A.
  • Pupils may then choose a further 2 subjects from Group A and Group B combined.
  • Pupils should choose 2 reserve subjects from Group A and Group B.

Pupils cannot choose both Art and Graphic Communication – one OR the other.

Pupils cannot choose both Computer Science and Digital IT – one OR the other.

Pupils are advised to choose one technology subject – either Food Preparation and Nutrition or Graphic Communication.

Group A Subjects

Subject Subject Leader
History Miss R Rowley
Geography Mrs S Hugo
Spanish Ms A McClelland

Group B Subjects

Subject Subject Leader
Additional Science Mr R Outhwaite
Art Mr B Salmon
ASDAN – Personal and Social Effectiveness Mrs K Hindmarch
Computer Science/Digital IT Mr J Davidson
Creative iMedia Mr A Thomas
Food Preparation and Nutrition Mrs K Hindmarch
Graphic Communication Mrs A Holmes
Health & Social Care Mrs V Greenwood
Media Studies Mr T Hoole
Music Mrs E Brown
Physical Education Mr S Atkin

N.B. Pupils taking Additional Science will finish their core Science and Additional Science courses with 3 separate awards – Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

The ASDAN – Personal and Social Effectiveness qualification will be for selected pupils who will benefit from additional support.